Roofing Red Deer
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Roofing Red Deer
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Roofing Red Deer

Why our roofs are the best

We love to weave our valleys - roofing done like it used to be done. double the life expectancy of your roof's most vulnerable area

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"As far as we are aware we are the only installation company to follow all the shingle manufacturer's instructions as required for their warranty to be valid. Most important is the ten inch stagger between shingle courses (rows). Most installation companies cheat on this as it saves a lot of time to reduce the shingle spacing allowing installers to travel up the roof faster, much of our competition even allows only 2 -4 inch stagger with industry standard being about 6 inches. We do not do this, we follow the manufacture's instructions to the letter which stipulates 8 - 10 inch stagger (depending on brand) on modern style architectural shingles. This means if you choose another roofer your manufacturer's warranty may be void and you would only be covered by their in house installation warranty. It's not just about the warranty, giving a bigger course stagger is a better product: it reduces ice damming problems, increases the lifespan of the roof, decreases the likelihood of blown off shingles and most importantly ensures that your roof does not leak for the life of the shingles. It is insane the the amount of service calls we get on other companies' work where the culprit is 2-4 inch shingle spacing leaking at a roof penetration (the other insane part is the number of crooks who don't give a warranty or honour their warranty)."

"All of our price quotes include the shingle installation to be done with six nails instead of the usual four that the manufacturers require as a minimum. Most companies will charge hundreds of dollars extra for this service as it is considered a high wind installation practice and above what the manufacturers require for warranty coverage. Any blow off you may ever have is a free repair due to our ten year installation warranty, however who wants the hassle of a needless phone call.. Since we have switched to six nails per shingle (in 2009) we have not had a single blow off repair from our work. Now we just do blow off repairs on other installation companies' work who don't have a warranty like us!"

"Aside from woven valleys which are the most aesthetically pleasing when done right, we also know that open cut metal is a very high quality and durable valley system. We are very experienced at this type of valley however we do not promote it that heavily when doing bids as there is some added cost to this type of installation, it does not look quite as good as a well done woven valley and it can require the installation of gutter baffles as water will be hitting the evestroughs at higher speeds and may spill over when it did not before (however it will still look good at the end of the lifespan of the roof and it may even help you roof last a little longer). If you are interested in open metal valleys please ask us to give a quote on them."

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